Our 400,000ft² cultivation greenhouse is a purpose-built, joint development with Kosha Projects. It was created to produce plants that will be exclusively extracted by us and made into Valens branded products.

Planting the seeds, ready to grow.

Located in Spallumcheen in the Okanagan Valley, BC, we’re in control of our supply right from the source. This allows us to use specialized growing techniques that maximize quality and ensure consistency.

One Room. One Strain. One Focus.

We use mono-cropping methods to produce the highest-quality and consistency of each of our strains of cannabis flower. We specialize in cultivating strains specifically grown for effective extraction, resulting in superior quality and ultimate purity.

Farm Life

Cultivated for consistency.

Our farmers take a personal approach to cultivating, resulting in tens of thousands of premium cannabis plants annually. With state of the art automation systems, we keep things remarkably consistent.

Growing Partners.

Know your source.

In this rapidly expanding industry, it’s vital to know your cannabis is safely and sustainably sourced. We care where our food comes from, shouldn’t we care where our cannabis comes from too?

Stay in the loop.

Look out for more info on this exciting project as we continue to grow.
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